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All people who have ever lived, regardless of time, place, or culture, have looked for a larger story by which they can make sense of their lives. The argument of the book of Genesis, and of the Bible as a whole, is that God is writing a larger narrative that will lead to the ongoing glory of his Son Jesus Christ. The story has room for us in it.
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A Better Story Album


Songs Inspired by the Sermon Series

An album of original songs and new arrangements of hymns inspired by our series in the Book of Genesis.

  1. Doxology (live)
  2. Oh, What Grace
  3. Praise His Glorious Name
  4. How Can I Keep from Singing?
  5. O Sacred Head Now Wounded
  6. Founder and Perfector
  7. The Land
  8. You Are Lord
  9. All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

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A Better Story Album
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