Mentor Refugees for their social and spiritual formation

City & Global Partners

Care for the marginalized people in our community.

We collaborate with non-profits, ministries, and businesses around Cleveland to befriend and empower powerless and victimized people.


Refugee Mentoring

Alongside Building Hope in the City and US Together, we connect church members with families that have recently relocated to Cleveland from their home countries or refugee camps.  Mentors help families acclimate to life in the United States and provide them access to an American friend who can be an ongoing resource for them to thrive in their new home.

There are currently needs for family and teen mentoring. Commitments range from one-time assistance to weekly meetings. Do you want to help but feel under-resourced? We provide initial training, translation at your first meeting and support and coaching along the way.

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Safe Families

What is Safe Families?

Safe Families finds short-term homes for children of families in need. These children would otherwise be in danger of going into state custody. Parents are then able to create a safe and profitable environment for the family and the eventual return of their children.

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Our previous challenge to reach ten Host Families, which we did!


Among children growing up in poverty in Cleveland, just 40% scored proficient or above in math and only 28% scored proficient or above in science compared to 84% and 77% for their more affluent peers. To help provide all children in Cleveland with an equitable education, we partner with public schools to provide tutoring and wraparound services for students and their families.


Currently, we are partnering with Redemption Church to offer after-school tutoring for middle school and high school students in East Cleveland. Volunteer once a week for an 8-week block as an expression of Redemption Church’s love for their community.


Alternaterm is an organization that helps women in crisis pregnancies. Women that lack support through family members, friends or a local church often struggle with the news of being pregnant. Alternaterm seeks to provide biblical counseling to these women in hopes they choose life for their child, have an abundance of resources to assist with parenting (or adoption) and ultimately find life in Christ.

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Urban Agriculture

Project Grow is a Fresh Camp Initiative. The purpose is to establish mentoring relationships with high school students in Glenville through urban gardening. Pastor Joel and Allison’s community group is collaborating with Kyle and Lynea Mitchell and exploring how the group can support their work on an ongoing basis.

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City & Global Partners