Our Story

We exist to make Jesus famous.


City Church was founded in 2011 on a simple vision—we exist to make Jesus famous. While the name of Jesus may be commonly known, the greatness of his redeeming work for his people and the world is not. We believe it is the Triune God’s mission to exalt Jesus above all; therefore, it is our mission as a local church.


It is a simple mission, but an intentional one. At City Church you will not find a lot of programs or bells and whistles. What you will find is a covenanted group of followers of Jesus who have said we can better make Jesus famous together than individually.

Our weekly Sunday gatherings for worship are the foundation of our life together. During this time we gather to sing the Word of God, read the Word of God, pray the Word of God, hear the Word of God in preaching, and see the word of God in the sacraments.

Gathering for worship provides the impetus for scattering for mission. Community Groups (Heights, Ohio City) and City Partners help you carry out what you hear on Sunday into how you live Monday through Saturday. If you are a Christian who is not part of a church, we invite you to join this mission with us.

If you are not a Christian, we invite you to join us on Sunday to hear and see God’s gracious offer of redemption in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Every Sunday, we have guests across all spectrums of beliefs and backgrounds; you won’t be alone. You are welcome here.

Our Origin Story